Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


lots of people Tony and little Tom have known have died in fires


Didn’t Darren’s dad have a kid with Mandy’s sister (the one who died of cancer)?


Dawn, yeah. Edit: step sister I guess as she is a richardson


Imagine still watching Hollyoaks!


quality programme that I enjoy very much


Explains a lot.


Must have changed a lot since it was one of the worst programmes in the history of television, then.


Such as?


Do you watch soaps though? Are you confusing ‘worst programme on television’ with ‘not to my taste’


Two words: “Last Jedi”. You could have said ‘it’s not to my taste’ and saved yourself a load of time.


Don’t think that is comparable, I was never dismissive of people liking it, never did the ‘imagine liking the last Jedi’ thing like as if there is one definite rating of a film that happens to be mine, in fact I was just explaining at great length why it ‘was not to my taste’ in the context the saga being very much to my taste, because it seems people often aren’t happy to just say they liked it they have to put down others for not liking it (something you are again doing here with ‘imagine liking hollyoaks’), I thought it was important to challenge some of those assumptions, people who are open to the new angles of the last Jedi aren’t superior to those who wanted something more familiar, why don’t people just like or not like what they like instead of using things to put others down


Buffet & Spike sex scenes are the only good sex scenes


Because my mum watches Coronation Street, I’ve taken to saying stuff like “That Pat Phelan, up to his old tricks again” about anyone who even so much as resembles a villain. I just did it now with Pennywise from ‘It’. This probably irks my parents


Also when I fart and then say “cracking surround sound in this house, dad”


I’m going to use that one on Clive. Thanks.


there’s a disclaimer on some sky atlantic shows that goes ‘this programme contrains strong and frequent language’

frequent language?!


I thought this was going to be a silent movie!


God damn they’ve said “penguin” a lot.


tbf i think his alcoholism comes up repeatedly over the years which is good, but he did get over the aul crack pretty sharpish from what i remember


edit: never mind