Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


I can’t believe you’ve done this


ffs it didn’t show up in nested replies


i thought that was a car crash?

should never have killed him off tho obv


It was a car crash but the other driver shouldn’t have been driving, they showed flashbacks that showed the lead up, might be a retcon as I just remember it being a simple crash but they showed old footage of the same actor behind the wheel. The driver has now become obsessed with the Cunningham family out of guilt and meddles in their lives with unrealistic hacking skills


Was watching the last episode of Mindhunter last night and was reminded of something that always irks me in TV/film.

When characters are in a supermarket, literally just pulling items from the selves and placing them in their trolleys. They never consult a list, they seem to have a route around the store perfected for their exact shop, and despite loading the whole trolley up, leave the store with everything contained in two paper bags.


plus in that scene in mindhunter he was just chucking things into the trolley - no caution taken with the dairy, just throw it all in


Thought he was going to walk straight past the fresh produce, but it appears he did remember he needed a mango right at the end. Of course, that mango will be bruised af due to his wanton disregard for produce care!


I think this means it’s been written by Aaron Sorkin.


Death scenes where the deathee gets halfway through gasping out some sort of highly important yet devilishly cryptic key to solving a mystery before expiring.

Either get to the point or die quicker ffs.



Can’t be bothered to read the whole thread back and this has prob already been done- but I wish more movies and TV shows would portray gunfire in a realistic fashion

I’m reminded as the kids were watching Cloverfield Lane the other night - and that features a realistic gunshot in that they are inside and it’s really loud and everyone goes deaf and disorientated for a bit

Not suggesting action movies should do this as it wouldn’t be the same - but thrillers and stuff should do it more


50 Cent’s early ideas for an album title needed work.


Tends to be in futuristic/sci-fi shit:

When people are talking, and randomly slip into another language for 2 or 3 sentences because ‘ooh look in the future everyone’s so multicultural and universal’.

Fuck off.


Ha! Someone’s been watching Altered Carbon!


10 points.


There are many occasions where a character will stutter/repeat words, like “I… I don’t know what to do” or “But… but where are you going?” and I never hear people doing this in real life.


Handwritten notes you have to read that aren’t on screen long enough or in good enough light to read, let alone readable if you aren’t a 50" TV twat


That new Cloverfield film has a thing where everyone speaks about 4 languages, except for the Chinese lady who understands English, German and Russian but only ever responds in Mandarin. Pretty obvious why they’ve done it, but it’s just so ridiculously transparent.


I hated that similar conceit on Daredevil S1 so much.


yeah i remember being surprised reading that gunfire can penetrate pretty much anything so ducking behind a wall or a car door wouldn’t protect you at all. films lied to me!