Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


tables is the most mental one. as if wood is going to protect you from a bullet.


I like watching stuff set in cities I know well, but I am fully irked when they are walking along, turn a corner then are in a different part of the city. The programme Kira had them apparently on the way somewhere in Bristol while they had a conversation, but you kept seeing wildly different bits of Gloucester Road (sometimes the same bit, but heading the other way) in rapid succession.


Depends on the bullet and stuff I guess?


There’s a 1966 film called The Miniskirt Murders. A police car speeds up Camden High Street, past the Tube station and onto Kentish Town Road. A minute later it’s stopped at the scene of the murder. Overlooking the Thames.


Archer portrays this all the time and yet it never stops being funny


mawp, mawp, mawwwwwwwwwp


she thinks casualty and holby city are actively toxic and perpetuate this stupid idea that nurses and doctors are more concerned with their personal lives than with the care of patients. it always annoys the fuck out of her when she sees how stylish and neat and well-lit these supposedly inner-city A&E departments are, too.


the sopranos was quite consistent about this. in fact there’s one scene where a guy shoots another guy inside a car and the hitman, who’s a typical mook, screams in shock and pain and clutches his ears because the shot is so loud.


yes! had forgot about this. Love the Sopranos


the thing in TV shows and films where someone is in the middle of a sentence but another character interrupts them - it amazes me how seldom this is acted well. about 95% of the time it’s really obvious that the first person had finished speaking first.

dunno why they don’t just write a full sentence for the actor to say and tell the other actor when in the sentence to interrupt, rather than really obviously just write the half-sentence down in the script.


Luther Series 1 has this with him following some guy on foot down by Old Street and continuing it up by the University opposite Holloway Road station. I mean obviously it could simply be they cut out a few scenes of them hopping on and then off a 43 or 271 bus but it makes it stick out like mad for me.


After the opening, painful, 2/3 episodes Star Trek: Discovery gets to be fun stuff, but my god, had I not already been told good things I would have switched off in the first 10 minutes because the opening scene is pretty much pure this :smiley:




When you see a character on their phone and the only people in their contacts are other main characters from the show. Skins did this - these party-animal teens, and yet they only have 7 numbers saved? The only people Hannah messages in Girls are her parents and the other main cast? Get the fuck out.

Just throw a couple of extra names in there, everyone knows a John dammit!


i had a scene in one of my student films where i wanted this to happen and it wasnt working when i was asking the voice actor to make summat up, so i wrote something down for her and it worked perfectly. if i could figure that out at 19 with no experience why do professional screenwriters cock it up so consistently? and why do i work in admin?


When ad breaks don’t sync up on UK television :tired_face:


The new Channel 4 idents, boo hiss etc. (Liked the strange Jonathan Glazer ones) wannabe Iron Giant rubbish (quite enjoy the football one)


dutch angles. have never looked good, never will. ooh someone’s getting a bit mad, better tilt the camera slightly.

(apologies to hoogy)


Unenthusiastic extras in crowd scene when celebrating.

I’m sure it’s the fifteenth take but so-and-so beat up thingymajig and is now your new leader or whatever ffs!
Be excited for every take, dickhead. We can actually see you!


normally agree, I remember liking it the Third Man though. like this: