Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


ed sheeran cameos


The thread title says “trivial”.



mid to late 20s actors playing high school kids, especially with stories around their first attempts at romance. Really weird to see and also I know some are terrible but there definitely ARE good younger actors out there.


This is the one that really gets me.

I remember watching first or second series of Heroes and there’s a scene when one character cooks a massive three course meal for her boyfriend. He gets in, has a bite of the starter, and they then immediately launch themselves on each other and take it to the bedroom. Basically leaving an entire room of food to go stone cold, plus half of the food left burning away in a frying pan.

It angered and stressed me out so much I gave up the whole series.

Which, given it was Heroes, was probably for the best.


wasn’t it the OC where some of the ‘teenagers’ were 28/29 and some of the ‘adults’ were 31/32


Yeah, the whole showing a spoiler preview at the end of an episode really bugs me. It’s not a minor irk and everyone responsible should probably be killed.


I seem to remember reading that in 90210 one of the teens was older than his teacher


Yeah, it often goes hand in hand with the ‘everyone is stupidly good looking and healthy’ thing as well.


Pretty sure there was someone in one tree hill whom was older at the end of the series than his character’s dad (character, not actor) was at the start


Saw a film last night with Katie Leung playing a teenage daughter - she’s in her thirties now!



People smoking but obviously not inhaling. Not that I think anyone should be forced to smoke, but if you’re not going to do it properly just don’t show the character smoking ffs.


When matt Bellamy takes a massive breath before every single line.


When I stay up late to watch Naked Attraction and it’s one of those episodes where the ‘pickers’ are a straight woman and a gay man so all the people behind the screens are blokes :roll_eyes:


honestly not bothered by 99% of those examples

does the guy not realise a cup can be half empty?


That’s every week, right? That show is massively weird.


Ads with slow/medium tempo covers of rock tracks


Sat there with your thunder crackers round your ankles

Can only imagine your bitter disappointment


actors crying out of only one eye