Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


enough about noah


characters quitting their jobs and suffering no financial repercussions

how there’s always one character in a david simon show who has to say “this is america”

lena dunham


My wife has a gripe about TV scrambled eggs. “They make HUUUUGE quantites and it’s always overcooked and rubbery. It tumbles out of the pan in little pellets.”


that is annoying af tbf


I’m glad is doesn’t annoy you japes.

But, when the cup is properly actually properly actually empty and they’re pretending it’s full? NO. NO. no no. No.


TV series where the regular characters always wear exactly the same clothes in every episode.

Pretty much every detective drama has the main character driving some sort of unusual car. Just give them a fucking Mondeo.


When nobody says goodbye to anyone? You noticed that? DON’T YOU SAY GOODBYE???


Oh yes this has got to stop, has become the laziest advertising trope ever. “I know, what old song hasn’t been slowed down yet?”


There is a silver lining to this, when you get a bit of a crush on someone who is playing a high school age daughter or something like that and you think this is a bit weird until you look on Wikipedia and she’s 30 - it’s fine!


Ukulele versions of guns n roses songs


I’m still waiting for Parklife to get it’s turn as the John Lewis advert song.


When there’s a “sudden descent into alcoholism” scene and the actor has to sink whatever they’re drinking in massive glugs like they’re super thirsty and they just have to be drunk as soon as possible. Fuck of with that shit.




How you never see sitcom characters interact with any part of the set behind the couch in the living room. Friends is the only show that broke this rule.


and seinfeld


Soaps (especially Eastenders) have a habit of making a character an alcoholic/addict, lose friends, sink to rock bottom etc then recover and get their life back together… and their addiction is never mentioned and (in some cases) has no effect on them ever again. I swear Phil Mitchell was a crack addict once for about 3 weeks


There’s a tonne of these in Goodnight Sweetheart.

For example:

Gary Sparrow NEVER locks his TV repair van, except on one occasion. This is in Whitechapel, remember. Early 1990s.

Reg Deadman is supposed to be pouring Gary a pint in the Royal Oak at one point, only you can see the full pint glass just underneath the ale pump.

Ron Wheatcroft is a proud scouser. Yet, in one episode he is a Man United full kit wanker.


‘DI Mondeo Man’ - He sticks by the rules, but god dammit he gets results.


People playing video games.


When people make an arrangement to meet up or go on a date or something - but don’t specify a specific time or place , or swap numbers , or share their address or anything