Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film



Go on, watch Big Bang Theory, and see if you can see them ever take a fucking bite out of the food they’re “eating” in the canteen.

I’ll wait.


Out of the things that House of Cards did wrong, they at least made Francis seem like a real gamer.


This isn’t trivial, but fuck it.

Hate the penchant for TV shows to cut away right at the moment the conversation is getting interesting.

“No way, It’s impossible!”
“I did it”
“That can’t be true!”
“It is true. I drew blood from your dad, killed him, injected it into me, and now I can see his memories”
-Cut to Black

Next scene
"Man, see that whole thing with her seeing my dad’s memories? So crazy"
“I know.”



Good cause obviously but, really?


Under representation of characters called Dave, I don’t know anyone but still know about 4 daves


Whenever people want to talk to someone - so they drive to their house on the off-chance they’ll be home, instead of just phoning them. (US drama/cop shows especially bad for this).


People who leave messages on landline voice mails / people still using a landline in general tbh




When they have sex they don’t a seem to have even the slightest difficulty penetrating. It’s a a smooth hand free motion.

“Let’s have sex”
“pop, there you go”

(Unless I am the issue that requires the use of hands to be involved, in which case as you were)


haha defo this




And then the L-shaped bed sheet that covers them afterwards


When its night and they are in bed and they hear a noise so they turn on the lights and dont need to squint and have perfect hair and are wearing makeup but mainly not having to squint


Any period drama where people are all beautifully made up with perfect teeth and hair and so on, when they really should have no teeth at all and be constantly shitting themselves because of their appalling hygiene.


Yes definitely the way male characters can basically get it in from a run-up at first attempt and not even any foreplay required. Also, if you notice in many films characters can have sex without either (or in particular men) actually taking their underwear off.

And it’s always laughable how coy they are immediately afterwards, how women always pull the sheets right up under their chin the way no-one in the real world does ever, so that the person who’s just been inside of them can’t see their boobs.

Sex is definitely the thing that is most different between real life and fiction, unless I’m doing it wrong.


Likewise for any film where a woman has had a few days stranded somewhere on an island etc who doesn’t have hairy legs/eyebrows/everywhere


Just once in a film there should be a time the male character pops out during sex and has to be put back in again


you would too if there was a film crew in the boudoir



I sound like a prude but sex scenes are totally unnecessary and I hate them and wish they didn’t exist. We get it, they’re having sex. I think because I know it’s not real and there’s a film crew it makes me cringe on their behalf.