Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


when something huge happens in a tv show and the next scene will show a major character, and their phone will ring, and you think, “ohhhhhh shit, they’re about to find out about the huge thing!” only it’s just some random other tidbit relating to a supporting plotline.


Maybe I’d feel differently if they weren’t so horribly swayed towards showing as much if the female as possible. Let’s have a bit of penis guys, it’s 2017!

(Would not really like to see penises/peni)


read somewhere that dental hygiene wasn’t as bad as we imagine back then because there was less starch/sugars/additives in the food. fwiw.


I imagine it was split along class lines, the wealthy who could afford sugar rotted their teeth away to stumps while Joe Bloggs munching parnsips did okay.


Had this exact conversation with Con - sex scenes are so fucking bording, and for all the effort needed to choreography it, light it, shoot it (loads of cuts), it just seems like a big fucking waste.


Feel well Brexit for saying this, but I much prefer it in TV/film where it’s just implied they are about to/have just fucked like rabbits, and stuff goes on from there. I’ve pretty much never seen sex portrayed in a way which wasn’t painfully fake and/or was asking for a saxophone over it. I’d just stick some porn on if I wanted that kind of thing, mates


ironic really, how joe’s teeth remained white despite a lifetime of grinding poverty and buboes.


Short countdowns that aren’t done in real time.

Action films are particularly terrible for this. Four minutes until the bomb goes off! Seven minutes later there’s still two minutes to go, despite there not being much cutting between different characters/scenes. C’mon now.


Yes completely agree, just to be clear when I said it’s laughable how coy everyone is I meant because that’s not how people really are, not because I think actresses need to show their boobs more.

I agree that unless it has some direct relation to the plot (which it can do), 90% of sex scenes can just go. I actually quite like seeing old films where two characters look at each other, there’s a cut and you see them the next day and they’ve obviously had sex in between. Like as long as you get that it happened, you don’t actually need to show it - as you say it’s pointless, and the coy, quick-cutting, Hollywood version of it is even more pointless.


Check out Shortbus, a guy blows himself in the opening scene (it is a proper indie film with real actors, not a porn film). It’s quite graphic in places and shows sex as an actual thing that people do in their day rather than as a titillating scene for the viewer. It’s not shocking or gratuitous at all IMO, or maybe I’m just jaded by too much internet. I thought it was a genuinely interesting film, although I probably wouldn’t watch it with my mum.

The last few years have seen censorship of sex in films dramatically reduced so that now actual penetration can be shown in mainstream cinema. Of course not many name actors are willing to do it, and you have examples like Antichrist where (I think) the actors are replaced by body doubles for more intimate scenes. It is interesting how this is being tackled as it’s mostly independent arthouse directors exploring this at the moment and you can see directors figuring out what they want to do with it.

The film Nine Songs basically alternates between scenes of the two main characters having sex and going to gigs in between. The characters have no chemistry (this is the point I think), and the gig scenes are much more interesting. There are some interesting experiments happening though.


The stock footage of a train going through a tunnel exists for a reason, programme- / film- makers


Take it to the Simpsons thread, friend.


The ultimate (though I still insist it was deliberately tongue-in-cheek)

(NSFW I guess).


Not answering the question, but this is straddling the line between things that irk me, and this thread - BUUUUT!..

Fucks me right off when adverts are done in the guise that the character in the advert is an underrated superhero and champion of the people, and the advert build up will keep going and going until the character in the advert will inevitably be brought back down to earth, due to his own ineptitude with some task or other, but it will be okay because the character is still loved by somone.

So many adverts are done in this style now, that it has to be classed as a genre rather than a trend, surely?


Or to give it it’s full title “Nine Songs: Bloody hell, is that Gruey? Doing what?”


Does Coronation Street still feature the fictitious Newton & Ridley brewery in the pub? (I’ve not seen it since I left the family home and had to endure my mother watching on every episode.)


I have no idea what you’re on about here, can you give an example?


my gran ends stories like that and it creases me up every time.

“… so she said this, and i said oh right”

slays me


When someone asks someone out and they say yeah and they’re like “Great, pick you up at 8!”. BUT YOU ONLY JUST MET THEM HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY’LL BE AT 8??


The Halifax adverts.