Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


They will also both orgasm at the same time after a few pumps.

Or do I just suck at sex?


Top Cat is a superhero?


and theres no mess afterwards, just thats that


When there’s a massive breakfast on the table waiting including a big stack of pancakes and a jug of orange juice but they just have a bite of toast and leave.


love it in soaps when someone walks into a bar and orders a ‘2 pints please’





yeah nine songs is good, just about a couple who like going to gigs in 2007 (some very 2007 bands in there) and shagging, and thats about it


I’ve watched the gig stuff quite a bit (BRMC, Elbow etc) but the shagging I think only once (on the DVD there’s an option to watch all the music back to back).


He doesnt deserve that!


Hate how writers still insist on making characters tell each other things they all already know cause they’re not good enough at writing to give us exposition any other way.


“Remind me what we’re doing here…”

“Tell me again why we’re doing this…”


So very lazy.


“But Mr President; you know full well a Bill can’t become law unless…”



I quite enjoy looking out for “master explaining the mythology of the film to the student” dialogue. So, so, so common.


“What if I told you…”


What annoys me is really intense plot lines that disappear down rabbit holes and seemingly have impossibly intelligent villains who have the entire countries hierarchy in their pockets and for 15 episodes they lead the heroes a merry dance then all of a sudden they have a lead and all the armour that they’d had just disappears for literally no reason.

Line of Duty and Sherlock were particularly bad for this.


Some films’ entire dialogue is made up of this.


yes - this enrages me


urrrggg Inception

so so shit


Ah of course, I forgot “student repeats it back in laymans terms to make sure the viewer understands”


I’ll give that a pass because at least a character who knows everything is giving information to a character who knows nothing, there is a reason for it happening and the mentor is often the best character.

Worse is when two characters who are supposed to have known each other forever tell each other things they both already know just to fill the audience in, especially when they mention their relationship in a way nobody would do “Look, I know you’re my brother and we’ve worked together for 15 years but…”