Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


People talking on the phone in a way you would never talk on the phone. I know it’d be impossible otherwise, but it’s bloody awful.

“Hello? Yes, I am the man who killed your daughter. Well it’s interesting that you would think I also did this other thing…”


Tbh, I don’t find it irksome, just like watching out for how often it’s used to explain things. Sometimes it’s actually done pretty well, although other times a short Star Wars crawl or a “scene setting” animation at the start would probably work better to establish it.


The first 10 minutes of Fellowship of the Ring is arguably the best bit of the entire trilogy IMVHO


In space movies, spaceships always meet on the same plain. Like in TLJ the resistance fleet jumps out of hyperspace, and then the FO ships come in… on exactly the same plain.

It’s space! There is no up/down because it’s space!!!
Get it right, filmmakers !!!


The music at the end of Bojack. It’s really shit.


Computers making twiddly widdly noises.


This isn’t the ‘Things you love about films’ thread


How easily beer bottles smash when you hit them against someone’s head


Plus also sounds in the vacuum of space?


That never annoys me :joy::joy::joy:


Lessons in schools.

"So now that I’ve told you what we’ll be doing today, turn to page 30 and…’

Someone walks in.

“Anyway that’s the bell. (Shouts) Work on what we discussed!”


Fictitious band is playing a gig. Small audience of enthusiastic extras absolutely going for it, one arm in the air, big old smiles, jigging about, a good few "wooo"s and "yeah"s and shouting the name of the band in there and all, not one of them signing along. Sometimes real life bands get similar gubbins. The new Twin Peaks did well at having a “this band is alright for gigging nobodies coming through our backwoods hick town” vibe with low-key head-bobbing and some chat in the back, but they were all like pure famous bands.


When people can have clear conversations at a gig and it’s not an acoustic set.


I am irked at the number of times that someone gets into their car to find someone is hiding in the back seat. How often does this happen in real life?


See, this is what happens when nobody locks their car…


Had to check that this isn’t the bullshit people post on social media thread. :slightly_smiling_face:




's cool; not having a dig; it just reminded me of some of the false safety advice that pops up from time to time; you know the sort of thing:

(what came first - the tv/film cliché or the apocraphyl stories?)


I’ve seen it in films from the 1930s onwards. Someone gets into their car, not realising someone is in the back. It happens so frequently in films and TV shows. And is nothing to do with the Snopes post above whatsoever.


Aye, I’m aware of the trope.

I know that’s not the same thing as the Snopes link but I’d suggest there is a general link of sorts as there’s a whole set of tropes and clichés attached to car use which make for good fear-inducing yarns but aren’t quite mirrored by reality. My original post was just identifying that there’s a bunch of tv tropes and chainmail/social media tropes that share the same territory. No judgement on the validity of your example in the context of this thread.