Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


When people’s phones vibrate on the telly and you think it’s yours


See also door bells and phones ringing.


“Let’s not talk in here, the person we need to keep this from is right there”

moves a metre to the left

“Crack on…”


Jonathan Ross. Takeshis Castle. Idiot.


Said this before but kids on TV being ridiculously compliant. So the mum will say bedtime! they just disappear upstairs and that’s that, no fighting/arguing/running about with pants on their heads etc.


hmm, but porn is generally a bit gross isn’t it?

I’d much rather all the stupid fake saxophone stuff, I think my childhood would have lacked without it :smiley: HELLO RED SHOE DIARIES.


Kind of reminds me of the over the top sex scenes in The Highlander films, totally superfluous to the plot and lasted about 10 minutes each time.




I’m so glad it’s not just me who haaaaates sex scenes! Related: make out scenes where you just hear sloppy mouth noises really loudly in the mix. Bleurgh.

I’m turning into a right Mary Whitehouse in my old age


Nah mouth noises are the worst :grimacing: once had to edit the sound on a scene were two people were scoffing down takeaway and then started snogging and it was so awful.


jfc :frowning:


People having meetings and then one of them abruptly ending the conversation and leaving the room, leaving the other person in their office unattended. The West Wing used to do this all the time.

Similarly, people meeting for a drink and leaving after approximately three minutes


Did you have to create the sounds yourself ? (Would that be foleying the sound film school Eric?)


Late to the party, but from watching Freaks and Geeks I’ve decided it’s definitely for this reason. Cast folks who are actually 15 to play 15 year olds, and adults who are obviously at least 20 to play anyone of 16 or over. That way there’s no confusion.


Plunger and a blocked sink.


Spaniel drinking custard


in the graduate dustin Hoffman was seduced by older woman anne Bancroft
they are 6 years apa5rt in age
& Bancroft is only 8 years older than Katherine rosswho played her daughter
William daniels who played Hoffman’s dad is only ten years older than the (other) hoff


how there is always a car parking space right outside where they need to be


I get unduly annoyed at how easy it is to knock someone unconscious in tv shows or films. One bash on the head and they’re out. And when the person wakes up they rarely appear to be concussed or have a headache.


being able to kill someone by grabbing their head and making them suddenly look in the other direction