Ridiculously trivial things that please you about tv or film

Things that when you notice them make you smile.

I like how when Homer Simpson’s wearing a watch, it’s because he’s going to need to use his watch.

I like seeing an extra in the background really trying hard not to laugh at something.

I like when all the passing cars in a busy street scene have been carefully choreographed to narrowly avoid the action of the scene.

I like being very aware of how quiet/silent everyone in a cafe/restaurant is because obviously if they made a regular amount of noise we wouldn’t be able to hear the characters we give a shit about.

I like how people in soaps go to hug someone, and make an overly sinister/panicked face over the huggee’s shoulder to camera, as if anyone in real life has every done this.

What do you like?


It always pleases me to watch “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” just to hear the narrator say the word “heinous” at the beginning.


Max’s voiceover at the beginning of Hart To Hart

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that reminds me @scout i tried to watch your film on iplayer but i couldnt find it, i was going to pause it and take a selfie with you like i was in the film as well but here we are


TV shows with no opening credits. Good lads, just get on with it. I am watching The Wire for the first time at the moment and the theme music goes on FOR-FUCKING-EVER

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On this note, I love it when a TV show starts with a long intro, and then in later series cuts it right down so it’s nothing more than a sting. It’s Always Sunny and Scrubs are two that come to mind. Breaking Bad did it from the off.

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Opening credits should fuck off completely. I don’t want a list of who’s in a film/TV show before I watch it.

It can also be spoilerific if you see the name of an actor who’s not been in it for a while.

I like it in Scrubs when the end credits roll.and the show ends

Lost did this well.

BUMPH - Lost

It did everything else badly.

Not quite the same thing, but on shows like Strictly when one of the presenters is doing some blurb I like to look at the expressions on the audience members behind and make up imaginary conversations they’re having.

The other week there was a bloke who started off really smiley and cheerful looking and then as Tess Daly carried on he started looking more and more miserable. I liked to think that he was contemplating the pointlessness of existence, or recalling the death of a childhood pet.


When in the 'previously on" bit, there’s something in there from absolutely yonks ago and you’re all “oh man, they are going to address this”

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i love it when a series has a really long intro, but you know the exact second the real tv starts and you can skip it perfectly

fuck off if you have a scene before the credits that fucks that all up

and when they do PREVIOUSLY ON THE TV SHOW and then show you the last thing a character you’ve not seen in 3 seasons was doing and you’re like “oh wow wonder if they’re coming back this week then”

edit: this isn’t something i love so shouldn’t really be in your thread i am sorry

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