Riff Finder General (Thread of RIFFS)



Riff Finder General (Thread of RIFFS)

I don’t think we’ve had a proper riff thread on here since ol’ Soapy vacated old DiS (I wonder how he’s doing? I hope he’s well – he was a good lad). Since it’s f’ing freezing out, it’s f’ing Tuesday and everything is a bit miserable I think it’s high time we had another one. I NEED RIFFS.



This’ll melt your face off.


Icarus Line - Kiss Like Lizards


Great, now my thread has peaked on the very first post.

It’s all downhill from here lads. Shut it down.


you’re right horsey this is good weather for riffs




Fu Manchu - Eatin’ Dust





Spiritual Beggers! Great call. Big beardy Swedish stoner rock is the best stoner rock.


Entombed - Like This With the Devil




Oh good lord yes :metal:



an “old” favourite hahahaha great work jamos


Good riff but I’ve never been able to listen to Rob Flynn croon “ooooold maaaaan” without giggling.




Typing ‘Melvins’ into Youtube is like the cheat code for this thread.


The other cheat code band.