off to Riga on a stag do in a couple of weeks - only 4/5 people going so nothing mega rowdy - anyone got any tips for bars/restaurants/cool local spots to check out?

Cafe Leningrad

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It’s not very stag adjacent, but I found the Museum of Occupation really interesting if you wanted to duck out and do something cultural, or could convince the others to go before drinking. It’s probably particularly interesting and moving in light of recent events.

Right in the centre and was free when I went too.

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It’s a tiny city, its bars located mainly in the old town. Can’t really give any recommendations as we didn’t go for that reason, but there’s plenty of bars in that area. Outside of drinking I recommend going to the massive food market in the old Zeppelin hanger and there’s a lovely, languid river and river bank that encircles the old town. Also the ‘Corner House’ where the KGB headquarters used to be housed is fascinating and disturbing in equal measure.

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I think the Museum of the Occupation might still be closed, unfortunately? It was being renovated while we were there, although some of the information panels had been moved into a temporary space near the main park. A lot of reading, but we joined a tour which was taken by a guy who lived through the Barricades, which was pretty compelling.

For good, cheap breakfast (waffles!), MiiT Coffee is nice. As above, Cafe Leningrad is a great wee bar. For stuff to do, the Motor Museum is really good, but a bit of an arse to get to (interesting bus journey along really long, wide boulevards surrounded by Soviet brutalist apartment buildings though).

Don’t forget to feed the stag some Riga Black Balsam. Keep away from it yourself though - It’s fucking horrible stuff.