Right it's Friday Evening, let's have a Friday Evening Thread

What you up to? Just listening to 6music made a sweeeet stir fry (mushroom, leek and yellow pepper, satay sauce)

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Trying to decide between

  • Another but of story fry
  • Big chocolate mousse
  • Give it half an hour see how you feel

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Pizza: imminent.


Beer: imminent.


Forgot to mention a big player broccoli, there was broccoli in it too

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I’ve just finished packing. Off to New York tomorrow.

Big Apple: imminent


I hope you read previous threads on NY and dont think you are too good for a recommendation thread.

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I just saw that!

Looking to lay low tonight.
Couple of beers local and then up the road to listen to some records whilst drinking wine, and maybe having a smoke.

Chilled night: imminent


gym. got a big scary run to do (20 minutes non stop) that i’m really nervous about since I’ve got celebratory beers lined up for tomorrow if I do it.

other than that n/a.


also, let the succulence begin. i have high hopes for tonight.

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Got beers from a local brewery, having roasted veg, cous cous and halloumi for tea. Gonna stay up and watch trash. Meeting Hankscorpio for beers tomorrow. Decent weekend in store


Was sure this post would feature pasta and wine… Ah well 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

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Going to tha pub to drink some drink, at least one drink or maybe even two if I feel like it

First and last planless weekend in months. Almost home, wife’s at her bezzies and, like I said, I didn’t make plans. Not sure I fancy being home alone yet. Might go for a pub-pint read

  • Good idea
  • Home beers

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Haha I will most certainly be making some pasta later.
I love spending some half cut time making a lovely pasta sauce from scratch. :+1:


listening to people complain about a cruise gone bad is my favourite thing, it turns out.


Like when he jumped up and down on that sofa and got into Scientology?


Anywhere on a Friday night you’d be able to find that will be good for Reading?