Right...let’s try again. 11 unforgettable Mike Patton moments

Of course, as you haven’t forgotten them there’s no need to watch the video.

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I had almost forgotten about the fact that he once ate a sandwich

Is anyone in contact with Darcy? I would be very interested to know if he still has a sandwich for dinner every night.

Little clip of Midlife Crisis has got me immediately putting Angel Dust on :rofl: :relaxed: :partying_face:


Those are mostly pretty great moments. And I will not forget them now.

Well done on finding a less problematic metal-adjacent celebrity to do this thread with.


Can’t believe they didn’t mention the gig where he poured a bottle of piss over himself. :man_shrugging:

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My dad said saw him take a shit on stage at a festival one time

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Sing it


I hope him playing with dillinger was in there.

would have loved to be at this show

Mike Patton has a thing about poop. He’s referred to himself as a “shit terrorist.” In 1991 he relates to Kerrang! , “When I was staying in a hotel room once, I took a shit, rolled it into a ball and put it in the hair dryer so that the next guest to dry their hair would get hot shit in their face. Ain’t that rock’n’roll? I do hope rock stars are a dying breed. People love to lap them up — you know how something always tastes better if you swallow it quickly.”

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Is this in it

I like how one of FNMs video had Tim from The Office in

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Yes that is one of his unforgettable moments

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Yes that is also one of his unforgettable moments

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You’re doing a good service to this thread having watched the video. Easily as good as the video, if not better

here’s mike patton a dog

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Knew it.

Truly is unforgettable