Right, let's cut the crap and invent some new confectionary can we? Please


Some kind of chocolate bar with honeycomb chunks but it’s also got turkish delight running through the middle of it


any room for some pistachios in there, chief?


Not this time I’m afraid. Although I do think that turkish delight and pistachio is a good mix.


Mini eggs but triangular?


thank you for your candour, i wish you all the best in this endeavour


Gonna have to be some combo people will be willing to pretend to like for a few years, like chili and chocolate. basil?


I wouldn’t call throwing a Crunchie and a Fry’s Turkish Delight together inventing something new Tone.


how about fry’s turkish delight pistachio edition? now we’re talking!!


Alright then Jeremy, nip out and buy one from a shop can you please? Knobhead.


I’m very much in.


Sounds shit.


I don’t think this is a suitable name for a bar of chocolate Antony.


A wise man would provide solutions, a fool provides problems.


I propose the solution of not making such a terrible sounding chocolate bar.


Scotch (mini) eggs

Hollow mini eggs with scotch inside


No thank you.


How about a Crunchie, but the gaps in the honeycomb are filled with Creme Egg yolk.


I would buy one to try it but I would have concerns about the textural integrity of the honeycomb


Scotch (mini) eggs
Mini eggs with irn bru and heroin inside


A gender-fluid Yorkie.