Right now, how far are you from...

I don’t really know distances.

Standard Bam :+1:

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Anyone else feeling dead smug about where they live whilst answering the questions?



  • I live in Spain m9
  • 0-10 km
  • 10-100 km
  • 100-500 km
  • 500-1000 km
  • 1000+ km

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Absolutely not.

I’m in one right now!

How do we mean ‘professional’? Like does Bath count? Chippenham town?

Top 4 divisions. Might allow National League / Conference

Have adjusted accordingly. :heart_eyes:

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Oh yeah sorry didn’t mean to rub it in.

League teams only!

Another person

  • Same piece of furniture
  • Same room
  • Same house
  • Next door
  • Other

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Cool :slight_smile: I’m a couple of miles from this one:

UK based and reckon I could be 100 miles from the nearest lighthouse. The coast is 81 miles away from me apparently

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Eh? Are you in space, or underground? Furthest point from the the sea in UK is 70 miles?

Depends if we’re talking how many steps I have to walk to get there through the hallway, or just physical distance through the wall. This is important.

Edit: Yeah, or just this:

I’m in the Midlands (which may as well be underground) and the website I used said I was 81 miles from it. Just checked on Google and I’m 91 miles (by road admittedly) from the wash

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Sorry I assumed all posters were crows and we were just doing it on the fly.

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That 70/71 miles figure is rather suspect imo. I’m c10 miles due north of Church Flatts Farm at Coton (the point furthest from the sea) and Google says I’m 81 miles from the sea too

Straight line from Coton in the Elms to The Wash is 72 miles.

Not sure where it becomes sea rather than river, but I’m 69 (nice) miles from the first Severn Bridge, so I reckon somewhere around Tamworth will be furthest. Then again, I suppose that most landlocked thing is science, so perhaps not…

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