Right now

Are you wearing a poppy

  • yes
  • no

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Good thread

Of course not, I’m not a Tory.


my mums cat is called poppy

  • pin her to your chest
  • fuck off

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this post, man. this post

We’re calling them Likes nowadays, silks.


What’s everyone gonna do during the 2 minutes silence at work tomorrow?

Can’t promise anything, but probably farting. Not as a form of protest, just statistically speaking.

I’m thinking of going to the shop at 11

Same thing I do the rest of the time, not speak to anyone and not do any work


Can you pick me up a pack of wine gums

Bit of a tory sweet so no.

Haribo or nothing

Smart, it’ll be dead quiet.

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Lest all you cunts have forgot

Just had a mini-bag of tangfastics (for some reason there were loads of them knocking about in the office today. The cherries shit all over the rest

people who get sniffy about the poppy and poppy wearing in general (please, no debate, this is not going to become a poppy-off…hopefully)

  • weird
  • not weird
  • undecided

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Definitely not.

haribo can fuck right off

TBT to a couple of days ago when the BBC pinned a poppy on the Cookie Monster puppet on the One Show

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That’s actually Chris Tarrant