Right, OK - Shoestring, Taggart, Spender, Bergerac, Morse. What does that say to you about regional detective series?

There’s too many of them?

That’s one way of looking at it, another way of looking at it is, people like them, let’s make some more of them.

I like both the hosts but fucking hell!

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Does look truly atrocious.

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Not sure how this is any better or worse than the other ones?

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They are all jizz, epers but the more there are the worse they are and the more ludicrous the theme. You feel me?

I do not.

flowers are worse than cakes

Just need to add eggs and butter

Thought you meant this was a show about flower detectives.


You do seem to have a lot more detective shows, and many more good ones, from parts of the world with harsh weather and long winter nights. But this theory can be put to the test with HGWIR: Death in Paradise.

Gonna have to start reusing “safely zany” presenters soon

Solid 3/5. Perfect for when you’re staying at your parents-in-law and you’re looking for something with absolutely zero bawdy/edgy moments

People do slightly twee craft thing with two mismatched comic relief presenters and one or more expert presenter you say?


The best regional detective programme is Wycliffe. Thanks for attending my TED talk.

Whoa I think i might need to watch my laptop for temperature warnings because that is a LOT of smouldering going on right there


fuck gardens

Watching this at the moment. Almost finished season 3 and then just the specials to go. Already feeling loss…

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Rather boil my own eyeballs

When I worked for a council a saw an address that was Menlove Gardens that I thought was hilarious but no one else did.


TV and her sister (living with us throughout covid) have started watching this. It’s weirdly edited - they only show the judging for the best and worst ones for the early episodes which feels like a strange omission for the other teams. Vic is enjoyable as a presenter - actually there’s something quite Vic & Bob about a ragtag bunch of folks making ‘living sculptures’ while sweating profusely inside a giant golfball structure.