Right, so, would you rather

Right, so, hear me out here

HR pull you in for a meeting and present you with two contracts of your choice. On one it states that your current wage is doubled if each morning before work you score five (5) free throws in a row with a basketball. If you miss even one, you do not get paid for that day. On the other contract, your wage has decreased by 30%.

Unfortunately you can’t just quit your job. It has to be one or the other in this situation, I’m sorry.

Discussion is encouraged, but please refrain from telling me how I “haven’t thought this through” or how “this doesn’t make any sense” or other mean things. Thanks.

  • I would take five (5) free throws to double my wage, despite the risk of not getting paid on days where I didn’t complete this strange task
  • I would take a 30% decrease in pay in order to sustain a consistent wage

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It wouldn’t take long to perfect the art of the free throw.


I would do it underarm and make mad dollar

Are these proper free throws at a proper sized proper basketball hoop?

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Getting 5 free throws out of 5 is pretty hard.reckon you’d do it maybe 3 times a month


What’s the dress code?

Full basketball kit


Very good question this. Very good indeed.

can i wear black soled trainers, or will they mark the court?

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Nah, you’d be smashing it 3 or 4 days a week if you practised a lot.

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Pros make about 69%. So if you were an NBA player your chances of doubling your wage would be I think 0.69^5 = 0.16
Mugs game


As above

Wife: how did it go?
Me: 3 out of 5 again
Wife: 3 out of 5! Again! You were great in the garden last night, what happened?
Me: it’s just the pressure…I can’t
Wife: why did you sign this stupid contract? What kind of contract is this? We’re going to have to sell more things


I’ll take the 30% pay cut. I don’t really need all these ivory back scratchers anyway.

I would take the throws its win win, after a few years you would be making good money and probably be scouted by the NBA - U can call me Steph Curry

However my mortgage company may have a problem with this choice, and what if you got injured - you will have to be more specific with this contract, shoddy HR work bergkamp.

After my 5 shots can I set up Brindesh in HR for an alley oop?

Yes. The basketball hoop is a standarised 46cm in diameter, and you are required to stand the required 4.6m from the basket.

However, you can throw the ball in whatever manner you wish.

granny style?

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