Right, so, would you rather

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You’d have to make the shot about 81.2% of the time for it to be the better choice financially.

To make the choice closer to the line, you’d have to up the 200% or reduce the 70% a bit.

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I don’t think my HR Department would approve this at all


Which would put you in the top 200 in NBA history. Not for me clive

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Very defeatist attitude. Haven’t you seen the Nike Colin Kaepernick commercial?

NBA players have to spread their ability on various things. I bet they rarely practice free throws to the extent where you would in this situation. If they miss a free throw they just do a slam dunk or something, so they’re not as bothered about them.

It took me a bit by surprise too, but here we are

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Of course not, I’ve been far too busy having opinions on it

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I listened to a podcast about the dude who has the world record for number of consecutive successful free throws a while ago. He’s just some random guy, not a pro basketball player at all. He just practices a lot and is good at getting into a zen state where he’s doing it automatically. So long as I can take a few practice throws to get in the zone I reckon I’m gonna do well out of this.

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That record: 4


In 1947–48 Bob Feerick would have been better off taking the 30% cut and he was the annual free throw percentage leader.

So would Fred Scolari in 46-47 but he got very close.

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Ok, try this:

Same situation, but the five free throws are replaced with five penalties against a League 2 standard goalkeeper like Petr Cech.

  • I would take five (5) penalties against a moderately good professional goalkeeper to double my wage, despite the risk of not getting paid on days where I didn’t complete this strange task
  • I would take a 30% decrease in pay in order to sustain a consistent wage

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ACTUALLY it was 2,750.

Wouldn’t normally bust out the ACTUALLY but I looked it up and I just love this quote:

“I could have made more — a lot more…but they were closing the gym, so they kicked me out.”

The world record would be much higher but no one gave enough of a shit about it. Lovely stuff.

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Surely if he just came back the next day they would still be consecutive throws.


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He could have gone home and missed loads though. Unless he had a representative from the world record guys follow him about it wouldn’t count. And they just couldn’t be arsed.

Just makes me feel sorry for the Guinness guy with the clipboard who had to watch that.

He probably slipped the gym owner some money to close early.




If it was 4 out of 5 I’d go for this