Right-wing comedians


Just sort of occurred to me that I don’t really know much about the political views of comedians in general, even the mega famous ones.

Now some of them are quite vocally anti-Tory etc so that’s easy enough. But are any of the big comedians full right wing? That’d be odd to me. Anyway I will wait for Marckee to tell me the answer, thank you.


I imagine McIntyre is.


Can’t imagine that Michael McIntyre isn’t a tory tbh


Jim Davidson innit

Oh wait: ‘comedians’…


yeah i thought of him but he’s so fucking irrelevant at this point :smiley:


Got to imagine that Gervais is AT LEAST a Lib Dem.


Kenny Everett was a big Tory. Always found that a bit odd


wait is Cleese? It seems like he would be


Oh what’s the name of that Mock The Week-esque comedian who outed himself as a UKIPer?


Lee Hughes, is it?


Simon Evans


he’s a Brexiter isn’t he?


Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown is a right nasty piece of work if I recall


Was listening to something the other day and someone was saying that there’s going to be a regular night at the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green which showcases comedians who are either conservative in nature or on the right etc.


Andrew Lawrence, that’s it


Lee Hurst is a UKIPper, his twitter is a disgrace.



Never heard of him :sweat_smile:


that’s the one


Anyone know which way Rowan Atkinson leans?