Rihanna’s Anti


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Am I missing something I don’t get it?

not even close to rihannas level. rosalia could get there, tho.

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Yeah Lorde is the answer I’d have accepted of better album and ALMOST nearly sorta in the same cultural space as Rihanna

But she’s still miles away tbh right? Was really meaning out of your mega stars - TSwifts, Shakiras, Beyonces etc

think lorde is on that charli xcx level tbh.

id have to think about it for a minute to see if i can come up with a better A level popstar album of the last decade.

Maybe not her level of fame, but I don’t think Rihanna has ever made an album close to the brilliance of Pop2 or El Mal Querer, both of which I would put in my top 10 of all time. Charli’s voice is not really at the level of the other two though.

im not a charli fan so that one doesnt work for me. love rosalia and that album, tho. but it doesnt really FEEL like a big pop statement album to me. but yeah if we bring in the b level poppers then the debate changes quite a bit.

*side note: con altura is prob my fav pop song of the last ~five years

Yeah I wouldn’t describe El Mal Querer as a great pop album, rather a great album that happens to be by a huge pop star. Rosalia has really leaned into out and out pop since that record, so will be interesting to see what direction she goes in next. El Mal Querer is a phenomenally ambitious and perfectly executed project for such a young artist, proper mind-blowing stuff. Also saw her live in Madrid and she was incredible. There are loads of astonishing live performances of hers on YouTube, I’ve not really come across similar by Rihanna although I’m sure she is also a great performer.

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It is great though

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i need to think about if theres any other a-list popstar albums id have on this level over the last decade… i would prob have these in the running:

beyonce - 4
ariana - dangerous woman
charlie puth - voicenotes
swiz - 1989

biebz - purpose (im sorry)

Actually on this, Lion King: The Gift album is fucking great. Only discovered it a couple weeks ago but it’s so interesting and good and the feature length video is amazing too.

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Purpose is fantastic.

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we need to poll this (pick top 3)

  • Consideration (ft SZA)
  • James Joint
  • Kiss It Better
  • Work (Ft Drake)
  • Desperado
  • Woo
  • Needed Me
  • Yeah, I Said It
  • Same Ol’ Mistakes
  • Never Ending
  • Love On The Brain
  • Higher
  • Close To You
  • Goodnight Gotham (bonus)
  • Pose (bonus)
  • Sex with Me (bonus)

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