Rio Ferdinand - Being Mum and Dad

Only just heard about this. Looks like it’s going to be a tough watch but fair play to Rio for doing this.

Tonight at 9pm BBC1

Yeah probably not going to watch it but good on you Rio.

Won’t be able to watch this at all. Can’t imagine how hard it must have been for him.

Absolutely. Can imagine it will be an excellent programme, but I can’t bring myself to watch things like this. It would absolutely ruin me.

Same as above, couldn’t watch this. Hope it helps out others going through the same thing though.

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Might watch it. It still shocks me (though is this day and age it shouldn’t) and saddens me that people were taking the piss out of him on Twitter when she died. Some people are fucking scumbags.

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Fantastically observant Malcolm, I done watch it willy.

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It’s almost like people have to see celebrities endure something horrid to sympathise with them nowadays. Like our emotional starting point is that every rich or famous person’s a bit of a dubious character. Maybe the high salaries cause that disconnect. I think it’s something more than that. Imagine telling your young kids that their mum or dad isn’t coming home. Must be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. It’s sad that it takes something like this for people to admit he’s a pretty decent sort.


No YOU cried at the advert for this.


That was really good. He’s incredibly brave for doing that and he’s a great dad.

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Almost had to turn it off only five minutes in, jfc, I was in tears.

I watched some of it. My wife’s brother lost his wife a couple of months ago (three young kids) so it was a bit too close to the bone for me, especially with the order of service still sat on a shelf above our TV. She managed the whole thing. But I guess that sums it up doesn’t it? Blokes are happier to pretend it’s not happening.

For the record - I’ve always liked Rio Ferdinand and will always be grateful for the new west stand at Upton Park.

Watched it last night. Really emotional and challenge watch but also really interesting and great that he was able to access and highlight the services that are out there to support widowed dads and their children. I thought it was interesting that the only person who really seemed able to break through to him was Darren Clarke - I guess it took someone on his level to really get through to him. Actually the scenes with Clarke at the 2006 ryder cup were the most emotional to me because that was such an iconic moment.

Fair play to Rio, he’s clearly a complex guy but he’s trying to do right by his kids and that makes him a good lad in my books.

Just watched this.

Strongly recommended for anyone working through grief (which is most of us).

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