RIP Andy Cunningham (Bodger from Bodger and Badger)

I had a friend at school who sounded exactly like Badger and would constantly turn down requests to say “mashed potato”

The rare occasions where he would agree to do it were wonderful.


Ah, that’s a shame (the photo on that BBC article is tremendous though). RIP


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I can’t believe he was 67.


Aye, that really surprised me

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an eclectic bunch of things I’ve never known in one paragraph.

Mr Cunningham, who read English at Cambridge, gave comedian Julian Clary his first job when he was writing and directing for the Covent Garden Community Theatre Group, and he worked as a puppeteer in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi.


Wallace and Bodger in the same week :frowning:


i was talking the other day about when bodger (& badger I guess) worked at Chessington World of Adventures - I’m still not sure if this was an actual plotline of the two things just happened to conflate in my mind based on them being in my life at the same time

anyway, used to find badger hilarious as a kid - sad news.

Me: Oh, Andy from Bodger and Badger has died
TV: That’s sad. Which one was he?



without sounding too brexit, they literally don’t make them like that any more do they? is there such a thing as cbbc or citv any more ?

bloody loved bodger and badger from the age of about 5 to far too old, probs 16 or something. (1989-2000).


This is sad. An underrated star of Kid’s TV.

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He got booked to do one of the Brighton Uni graduation parties and stayed around after to get and good and twatted with everyone - what a guy