RIP Baroness Thatcher .x

RIP Duke Edinburgh .x

MARKET THATCHER :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::sob:


gotsta agree with @rob.orch here - who cares if styles deletes something old; if he’s progessive now (is he?) then great; performatively deleting a tweet from his youth does nothing whutsoever


This is nonsense

I mean sure just not really clear why I am given a lecture in how maybe Harry Styles is better now for a joke about him being the inverse Jedward?

Just to clarify, I don’t think people are totally immune to criticism for having grown up a Tory, or expressing Tory thoughts.

My main issue is with the idea that his age is irrelevant - it’s difficult enough knowing what the “right” thing is to say when you’re still young, but being a pop star probably makes it that much harder.

Oh: fair. I didn’t understand what rob had initially replied to.

You’re right for being irked at being lectured. He’s right that deleting it wouldn’t do owt but yes, misread the initial back and forth. Sorry Theo

Yeah, to be clear I love you @rob.orch I was just a bit irked x


If it’s on his account and he remembers then he should delete it, I deleted all my sun kil moon covers from YouTube after it turned out Kozelek was a piece of shit.

fair point… being a pop star does make it harder and does take it out of my realm of experience, and therefore, my viewpoint of being able to make a judgement, I was just thinking of when i was young and knew of other youngsters who said wanky things they didnt really think about. But I still maintain, that to a degree, it is not an age thing, many older people with enormous platforms to speak and reach loads of people, do not learn and still broadcast stupid things…perhaps the people that assist people getting these enormous platforms, should always impart the maxim employed by uncle ben to peter parker ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ Luke 12:48

OR as many people do, reflect on what one might have said in the past, like “Its a bit embarrissing to read some of the things I said in the past, but I was younger and different then” A bit of retrospective reflection would be a good idea for anyone who has such a massive platform that they will inevitably end up being an ‘influencer’ to some degree.

Apologies for irking - no offence meant x

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Quote: “He’s never really lived, has he? Gordon fking Brown going on like he’s going to be the next Thatcher. Please: don’t feed us full of st.” Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts is not a big fan of Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

OR maybe you could judge someone on more than just one tweet they wrote years ago. The boy wasn’t alive when she was in power and clearly isn’t a Tory.

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you are right… we have all made mistakes in the past, and we have all ‘changed direction’ at some points.

perhaps it is wrong to criticise anything or anyone, as none of us are in the exact same position as anyone else, so none of us are in a position to judge (john 8.7) , im sure everyone has their own unique story and own unique path.

I’m afraid i can be a little sceptical sometimes, perhaps it would be best for me to keep quiet, i do appear to be a hypocrite in this case (Mathew 7.1-3), luckily i have minimal power or influence. I will try to not offer my opinions in future, In return, I would ask that you guys will hold up all other peoples opinions and criticisms to the same scrutiney.
(and their spelling)
(as flounce offs go, this is quite high faluting - Thomas 25.6)

I am a bit suprised that neither of you have taken issue with me suggesting that he is a giant mutANT!
“When Man entered the internet Age, he opened the door to a new world. What we may eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict.”

(apologies for the masculine terms, but its a quote, slightly amended)
(the obscurer a reference, the more rewarding its recognition (Jude 27.41))

Can’t be arsed “TLDR” ( Dis 10.4)