RIP Bill Paxton


As one person has mentioned, only guy to meet a Terminator, Alien and Predator.



Might have to watch Twister tonight.


That’s a shame, has been in so many good films. Always struck me a good guy as well.


Feel really sad about this, absolutely love Paxton, one of, if not my favourite actor. Gutted, absolutely gutted. His performance as Hudson in Aliens is brilliant. Fuck 2017.


Game over, man. Game over.


Killed by all three wasn’t he?


He was. So was lance henriksen.


He was in Titanic??


He’s the guy looking for the diamond in the modern day segments at the start and end I think. He’s in a lot of James Cameron’s films.


RIP Hudson. :frowning:
Was in many many good films…


fantastic actor. here bill is absolutely owning it in the last supper - SPOILER: the film dies on its arse once he’s gone:






Was the best thing in quite a few classic films - that’s not the kind of thing that happens by chance.

RIP Bill you beautiful crazy bastard :+1:


he played some weighty roles but i always preferred him when he was hamming it up, he managed to stay (just about) on the right side of ‘too much’. At least two characters he’s played have become sort of cultural reference points/quote-generators (Chet and Hudson). i like this part of a panel where Cameron explains that his final character arc in Aliens wasn’t initially in the script


Spot on - his hamming it up wasn’t annoying like some other actors, there was something quite special about it. As Cameron says, he was a kind of pressure ‘release’ in Aliens; his change from a cocky frat boy into someone absolutely terrified and then back to the ultimate badass is wonderful.

Also, I don’t think his role in Predator 2 is getting enough recognition, he was great in that.


Ate the ass out of a dead Rhinoceros. Gutting. 61 is absolutely no age :pensive: RIP


Then there are a bunch of great films, mostly by James Cameron, that you need to watch.


not this. just watch weird science.


That is not a good film.