RIP Bruce Forsyth


What a fucking entertainer


Almost felt prepared for this one. Really sad though, seemed like one of those people who were born to entertain.


first appeared on tv in 1939 ffs.


Didn’t he do well


89 years young! RIP


I thought he was getting on for double that


The King


Had a good game, good game. RIP.


He was the best all round entertainer. A legend.

Watching Play Your Cards Right on Friday nights in the early 80s meant that the weekend had started. Fond memories.

RIP Mr Forsyth.




I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I almost exclusively hear about all celebrity deaths via DiS these days.

Nice way to break it I suppose.


to break it, Nice




Played an awesome villain in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


Fondue set, a case of wine, two lava lamps, nested tables, Sir Bruce’s casket (rest in peace you magnificent bastard), his & hers dressing gowns, A CUDDLY TOY!

RIP. Legend.



Impossible not to read this album title in his own voice isn’t it?



Can’t really be sure, though, eh.


"Say what you see". Great entertainer.


adios brucie, what a great innings.
Christ he’s almost like part of the family