RIP Chadwick Boseman

I stunned and so sad.


Yeah it makes me so angry at cancer and so sad too. Fucking terrible stuff

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Actually gasped when I saw the news just now.
Fucks sake. What a shame.
Such a cool and talented man.


Really sad stuff.

I’m absolutely staggered that he did all his Marvel films while going through this. The physical requirements of them, while undergoing bouts of surgery and chemo, must’ve been massive.


What the fuck?!

Just watched Da 5 Bloods recently. His role in that takes on a strange significance in hindsight.

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Did a double take when I saw it first thing this morning. Actually can’t believe it.


Dont even know what to say, so shocked and sad for his family. He did all that while dealing with cancer too. Such a good actor and seemed like a really good person too


It says everything about America that when I saw my phone this morning had a notification “Chadwick Boseman: Tributes pour in…” that I thought they’d shot him.

What a talent he was.

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Fucking hell I had no idea, this is so tragic.

Shocked. No age at all.

A nasty surprise to wake up to. Poor poor guy. RIP

Unbelievably tragic news.

This made me laugh

and this made me cry


He basically filmed all of his major breakout roles while fighting the disease it seems, unbelievable strength.

He was on the Kermode and Mayo show recently promoting a film which sounded good fun, will make sure I check it out this weekend.

Tragic news

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Awful, shocking news. RIP :frowning:

Very sad. I’ve sadly known multiple close people either die from or battle colon cancer. It’s a physically brutal disease. Incredible he was stage 3 in 2016 and achieved all that he did. Awful

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So sad and so young. I couldn’t believe it, at first I saw something about him having cancer I thought it meant in the past and then scrolled down and saw he’d died. Tragic and amazing he achieved what he did while poorly.


Absolutely fuck Screenrant

Pretty shocking stuff

and while I don’t believe in hero worship or putting individuals on unrealistic pedestals it’s hard not to watch all the video clips on the timelines this morning and not recognise just what a huge fount of dignity & inspiration he was for so many. Dude knew how to spread love. Terrible loss


Almost wish he’d told people but absolutely fair play to him standing by his convictions

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