RIP Christopher Plummer

Enjoyed him in a lot of films, most recently Knives Out. Bloody loved him in The Return Of The Pink Panther as a kid - my favourite gentleman criminal. Great career :+1:

Great actor.

Stepping in at the last moment, was amazingly good in All The Money In The World


Sad news but a life well lived. Great actor who brought gravitas to every role. :tumbler_glass:

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He was fuckin great in that :+1:

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agreed, especially the New world :wink:

Aw he was my mums favourite

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My mum too, she text me a few mins ago with just his name and the crying emoji

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Can’t deny it: Sound Of Music is a cracking musical and he makes a brilliant straight-laced foil for (the slightly annoying at times) Maria.
Top actor

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This is just lovely

Which one was he?

(In the sound of music)

Capt. Von Trapp

such an all-time gif


Watched The Sound of Music for the millionth time over Christmas and I was struck by the fact that he holds the whole thing together. Also he gets to sing the best song.

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Ah. Edelwiess was a choon

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God damn he was handsome

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It’s a genuine tear-in-the-eye moment where he tries to sing it at the festival, knowing that he has to leave the country.


Aw man, he was fabulous. Still have to gird my loins when I watch Sound of Music tbh

(of course if it turns out he was a creep/republican/etc I will retract this statement)

The bit where he joins in singing with the kids for the first time since their mum died :sob: :sob: :sob: