RIP Cormac McCarthy


any obituary with punctuation is cowardly


John Hillcoat set to direct Blood Meridian, Cormac was writing the script. :cry:


After Pretty Horses, The Road and No Country I started reading his books in order, and parts of Child of God and Suttree were so intense and chilling I still haven’t worked up the strength for Blood Meridian. Still fully intend on reading the full bibliography though.



Blood Meridian is the only one of his I’ve read :no_mouth: Need to change that.
BM is bloody great though, easily in my top 10 books ever.

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Read it in a single sitting (only book I’ve ever done that with). Bleak, dark, unrelenting and powerful.


Feel strangely affected by this, even though he was 89. I guess it’s the fact that one of the great living authors is no longer a living author. Feels a bit fundamental, idk.

I know he’s easy to parody and take the piss out of, and fair enough, but that only works because you can spot his style a mile off, it’s so distinctive.

Haven’t read them all, but absolutely love Suttree, The Border Trilogy, Blood Meridian, No Country and The Road. Christ.


Blood Meridian in one sitting? Good lord that must have been a time.

(I think it’s a masterpiece, fwiw)


I was reading a lot of Jack Ketchum up at the time of Blood Meridian. But I couldn’t put it down, didn;t sleep for 48 hours afterwards don’t think. Affected me that much.

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That in creation which exists without my knowledge, exists without my consent.

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One line that always stuck with me from BM was:

“In truth, they did not look like the kind of men who would have whiskey they had not yet drunk”


For me it was that one I put above, and “The freedom of birds offends me”


It’s this for me

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His books were pivotal in helping me get back into reading as a late teen. Blood Meridian being my favourite I think


I’ve lost more sleep as a result of Cormac McCarthy novels than any other author. If anything I think his reputation will grow over time.

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Never heard of Blood Meridian before. Sounds absolutely terrifying.

I remember reading The Road when I was much younger and being absolutely blown away by the quality of the writing. Miles more vivid than any other post-apocalyptic novel I’ve read. It was like watching a film for me, and i’d never experienced that sort of sensation beforehand.


Loved The Road, somehow didn’t realise it was such a recent book


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For some reason the Cormac McCarthy line I think of the most is from the first page of Cities of the Plain:

The whores in their shabby deshabille looked up from the shabby sofas where they sat.

One of those lines that makes you realise just how much work good writers put into their craft. He’s probably the author I’ve read the most books by; All the Pretty Horses is probably my favourite but I’ve got something out of all of them even if I never want to read Blood Meridian, The Road or the first half of the Crossing again.