RIP D.Wayne Love - Alabama 3

Thought it would be sad if there was no mention here of Alabama 3’s founder passing away. Great live band and I am willing to die on any hill you choose repping for the first two albums

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That first album is fried gold.
Will raise a can of the Old Purple Tin to him tonight.

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my parents went to see them a few weeks ago at the Brudenell. agh this is sad

Primal Scream dedicated a song to him at the Scala last night.

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Good band.

Seen Alabama 3 numerous times over the years, always a good night out. Inasmuch as anyone enjoys news like this, the announcement on their FB page was gold

I hope he made a searching inventory of all his good shit. RIP.


Sad. Seen them live maybe 15 times over the years - the TV is an even bigger fan than I am.

First time I saw them was at V97 - they were literally the first band of the entire weekend and were amazing. Saw them later that year support Primal Scream at Brixton Academy on the Vanishing Point tour - again, lovely stuff. Can be spotted in their live DVD too.

When I moved to London, I of course ended up living on Coldharbour Lane. About a year later, a kiwi girl moved in who was a huge Alabama 3 fan - not being familiar with London at all, on arrival in The UK she just gravitated to Coldharbour Lane as a place name she knew and started looking for somewhere to live around there. Worked out well :+1:


Tweet tweet, Possil fleet.

^last words, bamming us up right till the end.