RIP David Berman.

No no no no no…

I can’t believe it - such a beautiful return - my album of the year - so much promise (the tour, the talk around so much more new material).

I’m fucking destroyed by this news.

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Oh god, that’s tragic.

New album is really good, he’d mentioned European dates which I was looking forward to hearing about, seemed like a lot of excitement for the tour.

I did listen to his interview on the Kreative Kontrol podcast recently though and he did seem like quite a troubled guy

Likewise but not rushing to assumptions. Weird hope, but I’d love it to be natural somehow.


This sucks so bad - really thought he’d turned a corner with an amazing album


Seems as though it is suicide. Via someone who knows him on twitter. Somehow he felt like the last of the good guys to me. I’m just desolate.

Absolutely heartbroken. It was so wonderful hearing him back - reading interviews and listening to him on podcasts etc as well as the brilliant album.

Love this post. Summed it up for me:


Always loved his interviews and comments, even when he’s ragging out (in his way) people I like - like Springsteen and Willie Nelson

He was so unapologetic and unrelenting - not many like that

Oh my god no, devastated by this news. Been playing purple mountains on repeat since album came out. Such a talent way too soon, FUCK!

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just looked have played this tune 53 times already this year. Getting a little teary eyed listening to it now, god dammit.


So well put


Ordered one of Amazon’s last three copies from this tweet.

God this is awful. :worried:


That’s awful, was reading an interview with him just last night. Poor guy, hope you’ve found some peace now x

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Properly bummed out by this. Gutted

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Wow. RIP

Oh fuck no

From ‘Self-portrait At 28’.

I know it’s a bad title
but I’m giving it to myself as a gift
on a day nearly canceled by sunlight
when the entire hill is approaching
the ideal of Virginia
brochured with goldenrod and loblolly
and I think “at least I have not woken up
with a bloody knife in my hand”
by then having absently wandered
one hundred yards from the house
while still seated in this chair
with my eyes closed.

It is a certain hill
the one I imagine when I hear the word “hill”
and if the apocalypse turns out
to be a world-wide nervous breakdown
if our five billion minds collapse at once
well I’d call that a surprise ending
and this hill would still be beautiful
a place I wouldn’t mind dying
alone or with you.



All my favourite singers couldn’t sing.


So sad. I’m thankful I got to see Silver Jews at the ULU in 2008. R.I.P.