RIP Frank Kozik

Very sad to read that Frank Kozik passed away at the weekend aged 61.

Responsible for some amazing album covers and Mans Ruin put out brilliant and weird stoner, garage and punk records like the first QOTSA album, Zeke, Dwarves and Nebula.

Probably not a style for everyone but that lowbrow American 90s pop art really does it for me.

RIP Frank.



Oh wow, he was only 61?! Somehow thought he was older than that. Went to see an exhibition of his at the Richard Goodall gallery in Manchester about 20 years ago and bought one of his books. He was a real influence on my art back in those days. Sad news.

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Just having a scroll through his posters on google images and there are so many I haven’t thought of in years but are instantly so familiar. I must have looked through that book for hours.

Yeah really sad. Used to love his art and his Man’s Ruin label even more. Seemed like a good dude too.

Oh shit, that sucks. Big fan on Man’s Ruin which had a big influence on me. Real nice art also.

Nice write up from Drew Millward