RIP Geoffrey Hayes (Geoffrey from Rainbow)




not gonna lie, bungle fucking terrified me as a kid and i ran out of the room whenever he walked in, so i probably missed 80% of rainbow. still - fond memories.


Once took the afternoon off school to see Rainbow live (why it was on during the day ??) - bungle got locked in a cage and I was so inconsolable my mum had to take me outside to calm down. RIP


Used to have a stuffed toy monkey when I was a kid. Infact its probably still at my parents so technically I still do.


Sorry - the monkey was called Bungle.


The original Bungle :scream::japanese_ogre:



The original design of Bungle was terrifying! Think they decided to get rid of it quickly.


Hah! Bet me to it! Same image as well




i dont remember that bungle. but he is a grotesque and ugly freak.

this is my nemesis. lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.


It’s cool how this stuff stays around. My sisters kid’s been wearing my old jeans and he’s less than a year old.


I remember once seeing a man about the same age as my Dad wearing a Rainbow T-shirt. He would have been in his thirties when Rainbow was on! Borrowed nostalgia for the kids TV of the 80s?


I’ll never forget when England actually won Le Tournoi.


How old is your dad? Rainbow was first broadcast on 1 September 1972.


I didn’t realise it had been running that long. I always associate it with the mid-80s.


Zippy was definitely an MRA wasn’t he, such a prick


Well, at least we get an excuse watch this again.


Bungle has hit hard times recently


I believe this is the suit they used for the bear attack scenes in popular hit Lionel Dicaprio movie Les Revenants :+1: