RIP George A. Romero

RIP. Love his films.

A true original.

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Sad news indeed, but what a legacy he leaves behind

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ah fuck, rip. love the original dead trilogy


Very sad. Best to shoot him in the head to make sure.

A true original.


Yes, if anyone’s going to come back…

That opening sequence of Night of… is perfect. Great director.

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Quite simply, he changed cinema. RIP

:frowning: Didn’t realise he was ill. Sad times.

I met him about 10 years ago at a comic con - he signed a Night of the Living Dead poster for me and we chatted about Dawn for a bit and had my photo taken. Nice bloke, brilliant glasses. I remember watching all 3 of the classic 'Deads whilst playing Warhammer with a load of my mates - great times. The blood on Dawn is so ridiculously bright :smiley:


This is such a lovely obit from Edgar Wright et al: