RIP Grandmaster Gareth (Misty’s Big Adventure)

Tragic news, day after playing a homecoming gig too.

To all the lovely fans of Misty’s Big Adventure, we have some very sad and difficult news to share with you all.

Gareth sadly passed away on Sunday.

He left us the day after a truly joyous home gig at the Hare and Hounds where we were surrounded by pure love and friendship. To everyone who has attended our gigs, shared in our performances, listened to our music and given us so much in return we are overwhelmingly grateful, and we shall never forget you. We made something beautiful. We are so sorry to have to share this devastating news with you all.

Gareth, the world is truly changed without you.

All our love to you at this difficult time. Please take care and reach out to friends, family and the people you love. Share your burden. x


Very shocked and saddened. Not listened to them in years, but having a listen again now and still sounds good. I only saw them play once back in 2006 in Brixton Windmill, and it was so much fun and he seemed like such a lovely guy. He wrote me this great story when I asked:

Mistys- Grandmaster


oh this is terribly sad x

One of my favourite videos

Really tragic news, RIP


Devestating :sob: He was the best


Awful news. I saw them several times and always enjoyed them, plus Gareth did seem very likeable on stage.


I’m so gutted about this. Gareth will be greatly missed.

I saw Misty’s Big Adventure live about 10 times over the last 20 years. Their variety was something that I enjoyed. The breadth of Gareth’s musical influences made their music exciting to me and introduced me to a lot of new artists*. The energy that they brought when playing live filled me with joy.
I was always so happy after I saw them.

They were an important formative band for me in my teenage years and they were one of the first bands I can think of who were small enough that I understood how popular they were, but also got to do things like play on John Peel, or make a music video with Noddy Holder. They never got the recognition from others that I felt they deserved, but for me they were something special.

*: (Where else was I going to find out about Nino Nardini and Roger Roger when I was 15?)


A Misty’s gig was always a joyous occasion. I saw them first in 2005 knowing pretty much nothing about them and I was hooked. Must have seen them a dozen times in the following five or so years. They were always incredible.