RIP Hilary Mantel


Such a shame, Wolf Hall and especially Bring Up the Bodies are two of the best books I’ve ever read. Can’t remember how highly she placed when we did the favourite authors thing on here, I know it was high though.

I thought she was younger than 70, still very sad. Thought she’d be kicking around writing and commenting on things for many a year to come.


Was just gonna start this thread. Damn, that’s sad :frowning:

Anybody know where I can buy a stuffed Mark Rylance? What were her favourite sandwiches, and where does the queue start?

Just an unbelievable writer, reading A Place of Greater Safety atm and it’s astonishing how light and readable it remains despite being 900 pages long. Would massively recommend Fludd to anyone who hasn’t read it too.

weird, just getting my books back on the shelf after some painting and spotted my copy of The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher which i really must read. might bump it up the list now.

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Not an all out fan of Wolf Hall so didn’t really read anything else by her but much more a case of what I like personally. Clearly a great writer and, yeah, even at 70 that seems far too young to lose her.

Oh how sad. I’m reading the last in the wolf hall trilogy at the moment. Absolutely love these books so much.

Not really the thing to focus on but I wonder if they’ll ever make the rest of the TV adaptations now.

Only read Beyond Black and it’s terrific.
First chapter is on the Guardian site if you’re interested…


Highly recommend Beyond Black. Such a weird book, in a good way. I remember liking it rather than loving it at the time of reading it but it has really hung around in my memory and gone up in my estimation since then.

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Yes, totally get that. Some of the imagery and descriptions really linger

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Haven’t read this, but it’s such a good description of WH/BUTB. Was quite intimidated by the length of them, they were just a joy to read though once you get used to the style of it.