Rip ikutaro kakehashi (founder of Roland)

Post your favourite 808-heavy tracks here

RIP Roland

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What a legacy this guy leaves behind, fuckin massive

RIP. What an incredible impact he’s had on modern music. It’s all about the 303 for me!

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really want to contribute to this thread but I want to post about 1 million things

What a guy/inventor/engineer/businessman - MIDI, BOSS pedals, all those Roland synths & drum machines, the tape echoes … crazy

Sound on sound did a 2 part ‘History of Roland’ a few years back, great (long) read

I mean multi part

this looks great, can’t wait to read it, thanks for the links :slight_smile:

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Only up to part three now and I’m massively enjoying this. Really want to buy some of the synths mentioned and it has also reminded me of the Boss pedals I still want to pick up. Nice one BITT!

aye, it’s pretty comprehensive isn’t it
amazing to think that if he hadn’t pulled off digging the company out of the hole made by his euro distributors going bust we would have had no 808, 909, 303, Jupiters or Junos