RIP Jerry Lewis



Was great in King Of Comedy


Holy shit, I’ve been confusing him with Jerry Lee Lewis my whole life.


Goodness gracious




Nah, that’s Peter Sellers


Well he’s dead too.




I feel bad now, every time Jerry Lewis has been referenced I’ve just thought about the fucking his 13-year-old cousin thing, but I had the wrong guy the whole time. Sorry Jerry. RIP.


still never made it to the end of this, too awkward


That’s alright. Jerry Lewis is known to younger audiences these days for being a big Trump supporter and for saying that asylum seekers shouldn’t be welcomed into America so you can dislike him as well.

Although not really the place for all that in an RIP thread so, RIP Jerry Lewis.


I hope this means The Day The Crown Cried sees the light of day. Been curious about it for so long.