RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson


Terrible news.

Absolutely gutted.

Damn… So sad :frowning:

Was very much looking forward to seeing him perform at Primavera this year… RIP…


Just saw this awful news, thoughts are with his family.

Ditto :cry:

I wouldn’t have expected this to upset me as much as it has. I don’t listen to his music a great deal but a lot of it holds so much importance to me.

How awful! His Arrival soundtrack was one of my favourite albums last year. 48 is no time to go. :anguished:


OMG this is absolutely awful. Just can’t believe it.

Terrible news. Just heartbreaking.

So sad :worried:. Gutted. Really shocked.

Didn’t believe it was him when I saw the headline. Can’t believe it, an astonishing composer and extraordinary talent. Totally stunned. RIP

Fuck. So sad and shocked. Totally gutted.

My Dad worked with him about 6-7 years ago, and I met him during that time after a concert. He was one of the most genuinely lovely, modest and down to earth people I’ve had the chance to meet. Just can’t believe it.


Ah this is terrible news.
Really brilliant composer, and far too young to go.

Bloody loved The Miners Hymn


Fuck man.

This is awful news. Of his works I’d heard, some of it was incredible :pensive: