RIP John Hurt



Brilliant actor. A huge loss. RIP.


Sad news, what a talent and so many memorable roles


:frowning: Best voice as well.


Fucking great voice


I was just thinking about how much he brings to the role of John Merrick almost solely with that voice :worried:


This is the first celebrity death in ages that has upset me a little. When I saw him in the film Jackie a few days ago I thought he might be one to pass away soon : (

I vividly remember seeing the chest burster scene from Alien when I was 15, and thinking how that scene was effective because of his acting. I know it’s a bit insensitive to say right now but that’s got to be one of the best “dying” performances in any film ever. He could wring a lot out of little to go on, as mentioned with the Elephant Man stuff. Great bloke.


insanely talented bloke. RIP.


I booked myself a ticket a few days ago for Jackie. I’ll see it today. I didn’t realise that he was in it. Look forward to seeing his talent on screen. As well as a brilliant actor he always seemed like a really nice bloke.


Incredible actor. He was a friend of my grandads (johns dad was the vicar of my town (then villages) parish or whatever you call it) back in the day. Hope they name a street after him or summat


He was really fucking great in I, Claudius