RIP June Whitfield

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Excellent comedy actress.

Terry spills a drink on himself, hits his head on a kitchen cupboard or falls over. That was every episode of Terry and June. If only Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor could write comedy that good.

Terry and June does remind me of growing up in the 80s. BBC1 at 7pm it was shown from what I remember.

She was a very sharp and smart actress. Brilliant comedy timing. RIP June Whitfield.


Yeah sad times :slightly_frowning_face:

Thats three vicar of dibley actors to pass this year. :frowning_face:

June Whitfield was the glue that binds together all post war British sitcom comedy. I used to listen to her on ‘Take It From Here’ on the radio on Sunday afternoons when I was a very young kid. In that, and in all her subsequent TV and film work she always seemed to be the ‘straight’ domestic foil to her co-star. And she stole laughs from all of them.

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