RIP Keith Chegwin

Bloody good in Extras that time eh.


Nooooo :frowning:

Oh is this real, someone in the office just told me that and I laughed in his face

Mainstay of children’s programming when I was growing up. RIP.


Loved him as a kid. Was less a fan of his joke thievery, but yes, a big loss for people of my vintage.

I remember we went on a family camping holiday in Devon, about 15 years ago. They were filming a section of GMTV at a neighbouring campsite and he was presenting it. We got up at 6am to watch Keith Chegwin present it. He fell over accidentally and was very amusing.

No, it’s real:

Great now I have to apologise

Awww man. Always seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Like, can’t imagine him being a prick to anyone*
*please don’t link articles of him being a prick to anyone. Keep him pure in my heart

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Aw man, am I going to have to change my AQOS answer now?

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The questions are out already?!

Naked Jungle opened up a whole new world for me


I think he might be the first celebrity to die who got his penis out on terrestrial television.

Swap Shop, Cheggars Plays Pop, Saturday Superstore; grew up with him.

Obviously had a troubled time with alcohol but I got the impression he was one of the nice guys. Sad

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Would probably go with Oliver Reed tbh

Wait, did he get nekkid on TV, or just films?

Ah no. He once sent me a lovely email. RIP.

Films. Although I am now wondering…

Er yeah, get on it!

Very surprised that he was only 60. Assumed he’d been around forever