RIP Keith Chegwin


Bloody good in Extras that time eh.


Nooooo :frowning:️


Oh is this real, someone in the office just told me that and I laughed in his face


Mainstay of children’s programming when I was growing up. RIP.


Loved him as a kid. Was less a fan of his joke thievery, but yes, a big loss for people of my vintage.


I remember we went on a family camping holiday in Devon, about 15 years ago. They were filming a section of GMTV at a neighbouring campsite and he was presenting it. We got up at 6am to watch Keith Chegwin present it. He fell over accidentally and was very amusing.


No, it’s real:


Great now I have to apologise


Awww man. Always seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Like, can’t imagine him being a prick to anyone*
*please don’t link articles of him being a prick to anyone. Keep him pure in my heart


Aw man, am I going to have to change my AQOS answer now?


oh bobby :frowning:


The questions are out already?!


Naked Jungle opened up a whole new world for me


I think he might be the first celebrity to die who got his penis out on terrestrial television.


Swap Shop, Cheggars Plays Pop, Saturday Superstore; grew up with him.

Obviously had a troubled time with alcohol but I got the impression he was one of the nice guys. Sad


Would probably go with Oliver Reed tbh


Wait, did he get nekkid on TV, or just films?


Ah no. He once sent me a lovely email. RIP.


Films. Although I am now wondering…


Er yeah, get on it!