RIP Kim Shattuck

The Muffs changed my life.

oh no

never really listened to The Muffs but i saw her playing with the Pixies in 2013. didn’t know she was ill lately. RIP

Didn’t realise she had ALS, that’s so sad. I never really knew The Muffs so I guess it’s another one to check out posthoumously :frowning:

Love her verse on this.


The Muffs were a fun band.

This is sad. Only saw her play with Pixies once but she was bloody brilliant - so energetic and fun. Got me over Kim Deal misgivings pretty much straight away.


Damn. Didn’t know that she was ill.

Those first couple of Muffs albums make for some of my favourite pop punk of all times. Got to see them at the infamous LA Shakedown in '03 - they didn’t disappoint. RIP Kim.