RIP Leo Baxendale

Bash Street’s Back ALRIGHT:

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Aye, very sorry to hear he’s gone. Although he was only at the Beano until 1963, he created some of their best loved characters.

What amazes me is that David Sutherland (the current Bash Street artist) has been drawing them for 55 years now.


55 years? Blimey.

Also weird to think of how long running these strips are!

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From Wikipedia on The Beano:

Each issue is published on a Wednesday, with the issue date being that of the following Saturday.

Why though?

I never could work that one out.

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Good question! Maybe it makes referencing and archiving easier. Any archivists here?

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I walked past the licenser company’s offices this morning and loved their massive Beano display in the window. This is sad. :frowning:


ive got load sof old beano albums, thinking they might be worth something one day

they dont seem to be

I know that feeling about, well, pretty much anything I’ve found kicking around from my childhood :expressionless:

I’ve got some from the 60s, dont think theyre even going for like a fiver on ebay!

Archivist here. It’s quite common with mainstream comics apparently. It’s to do with an “off-sale” date, kind of like a sell by date on food etc. Also it kind of gives someone the illusion that the issue they’re buying is newer than it actually is.


Yeah this^. It’s standard with magazines isn’t it? The May issues comes out in April etc

Are they in good nick? I’ve only got 65, 68 and 69 at the moment but looking for more.

(Yeah, I’ve just outed myself as an old Beano annual collector)

Thank you HouseholdPest. It’s lovely to know that there’s someone here to answer our archiving queries.

God, I’d love to be an archivist. But where does one begin?

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I loved his stuff as a child. My favourite of his that I adored in the late 70s were the Willy The Kid annuals, unfortunately I don’t have the copy I had as a kid (my mother was very much one for getting rid of stuff as soon as possible, I had a pile of Beanos that she insisted I throw out :frowning2:)

I got copies of book 1 and 2 off ebay about 10 years ago. This one’s going for £40 on Amazon!

Used to be a member of the Dennis the Menace club as a lad and I learned to draw by copying Beano strips.

RIP Mr Baxendale.

You generally have to start with volunteering at an archive to gain experience. Lots of archives also offer trainee roles where you learn all the practical stuff. Then you have to do a postgrad qualification in archives management to qualify. Then still most people don’t really know what it is you do :unamused:

Me too, I remember getting a furry badge of Gnasher with googly eyes!


Ironically my IRL pup at the time tore it to shreds.

FWIW some kids used to pronounce it “Guh-nasher”. Dweebs.


Some of my fave Beano characters:

Calamity James
Bash Street Kids
Ivy the Terrible
Roger Dodger
Dennis the Menace
Walter the Softie
Billy Whizz