Hey folks! Check the latest episode of our Philosophy of the World podcast all about the career of MF DOOM! Would love to hear your thoughts, favorite DOOM rhymes/albums.

Listen Here:

The legendary MF DOOM’s (Daniel Dumile) work can be found under a plethora of monikers but his style is unmistakable. Through his unique blend of hip-hop and nerd culture, husky flow, and indelible, off-kilter rhymes DOOM has built an enduring, broadly loved and influential legacy. On episode 33 we take a deep dive into the super villain’s catalog, starting with early KMD years as Zev Love X. After being abandoned by the music industry, he returned to the scene with revenge on the mind, dawning a metal mask and spitting with a new ferocity. The result was a string of several classic albums culminating in a gold standard of underground hip-hop in Madvillainy . Since then, MF DOOM’s output has become more sporadic, but while he may not do exactly what we want, he’s the super villain we deserve.


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I’m listening to Vaudeville Villain this week.

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Has anyone listened to this podcast before? Is it any good?

The post of the week podcast? Sure

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It’s the only podcast I listen to. The same one repeated weekly. Can tell at least one piece of MF Doom related info off the back of repeated listens

is it actually him or one of the imposters he always sends to do his job?

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Giving it a listen will post thoughts here.

Don’t like podcasts that incorporate entire songs into them even if I like the subject.

Shame you guys aren’t recording your parts in the same room or at least tried to make it sound less obvious that you’re using such different recording equipment.

The content is actually not too bad so far tbf.

Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated. We actually don’t have a lot of expertise with working with recording equipment (despite making a podcast) and have struggled to get our balance just right. One of us is in Oakland, CA and the other is in MN so we record over Skype with AudioHijack.

Post of the week? Not sure what you mean, but we do this thing monthly.

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This is more interesting than I thought it would be for a podcast of this format. Expected it to be one of those rambling ones where the hosts are more interested in the sounds of their own voices than actually saying something interesting.

Not sure I could do two hours of this though.

I will actually listen to this tomorrow. Fucking love the man.

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That one really ranks up there high amongst my favorite DOOM projects. Anyone know if there is a story behind the Venomous Villain record?

Fair enough, it is quite long and the longest episode we’ve made thus far.

@rich-t Could you clarify what you mean?

I was having a joke around your username, which I assume means podcast of the week? It wasn’t funny so nvm


Completely over my head, haha.

Actually, it’s Philosophy of the World. Reference to:

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