The only thing I’m after is…

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Ah, no I have the album already but want the CD in that funny box (but pref not pay £200 for it).

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Is that one of those US long display boxes that were around for a while?

It is, yeah. Saw someone post a photo of Mr Hood in one on Instagram ages ago and have been on the hunt ever since.

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Amazing Instagram post.

Including shots of DOOM and Jnerio Jarel swapping outfits so DOOM didn’t have to do a Boiler Room set


3.50 postage!


benji b was all DOOM this week, re-ran his super, hour long interview with him, starts at 47 minutes in…

Benji B - MF DOOM Tribute - BBC Sounds


thought Matt Baker from off of the One Show had been asking directly about Madvillainy represses

Hadn’t notice that but, lets just say while he filmed Countryfile Matt Baker rapped the entirety of All Caps for the film crew.


Been enjoying Stones Throw telling everyone who think’s it is his birthday that it isn’t his birthday this evening.

I’ve got to admit I don’t know anybodies birthday. Although I do know Bowie died close to his. Probably just look it up on wikipedia like everybody else did.

Maybe it’s a DOOMposter’s birthday

No shortage of these, but really enjoyed MK’s tribute mix…

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Ah, balls. Preview isn’t working. Remove the space after .com/ djmk/dj-mk-mf-doom-tribute-mix

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cheers pal