Brilliant piece on DOOM supposedly living in Leeds (in particular a really quiet village just north) when he died.


Will have to give that a read later on

Had really hoped for posthumous music but it’s seeming less and less likely as time goes by that a treasure trove of unreleased material is going to emerge.

Guess I hope it’s a slow process because they’re trying to do it right. Supposedly meant to at least be a fair amount of Madvillain, FlyLo x DOOM and Doomstarks material out there. But after years of rumours and false starts it’s hard to know the truth of it.

Wrong thread


Great podcast with Dante Ross on KMD.

Live from Planet X popped up on shuffle this morning. fuck me what a performance!

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Oh. So that’s what the MF in MF DOOM stands for.


Very very good :smile:

I wonder how he got the Beatles sample in ‘Tick Tick’ cleared?

I’m gonna guess that he probably didn’t until years later.

I cant imagine he had any samples on Operation Doomsday cleared.

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