RIP Mr Onyeabor


i was listening to him just the other day and wondering what he was up to. there was some talk of a new record a while ago. i saw the atomic bomb! band at latitude a couple of years and it was one of the most fun gig experiences i’ve ever had. found him and his music endlessly fascinating.


Aw nuts.

His music is endlessly fascinating, but I’ve had trouble finding anything that isn’t that “World Psychedelia” compilation. There’s a boxset, I know, but… I don’t own that.


i’ve got the cd version of the boxset. can still get it at luaka bop by the looks of things:

one of the lp box sets is basically sold out everywhere now i think. i think they’ve started selling the individual albums fairly recently as well.


Oh nice. Thanks!


Saw the Atomic Bomb thing at Green Man a couple (?) of years ago, and it was a lot of fun. I also recommend this if you haven’t heard it:

Plenty of good covers. Managed to find it for a pittance on vinyl in a bargain bin a couple of years ago which pleased me no end.


ohh, amazon have the cd set as well:

might work out cheaper than shipping it over from the us :+1:


And I’ve just noticed that a lot of his albums are on Spotify!


oh really? i’m not really a spotify user, but that’s good news!


one of my favourite songs ever

RIP, dude


Such a fun talent. Loved him. R.I.P.


A very rare interview with him (possibly one of the only ones?)


The Atomic Bomb Band were incredible at Latitude and Green Man. He made so many amazing tunes, RIP to him. Who Is William Onyeabor is a permanent fixture of my car CD player, it’s a massive crowd pleaser, anybody I’ve ever given a lift to has been converted.


Pitchfork gets a lot of stick, but this is really good:


got into his stuff a few years back. when the going is smooth and good was the soundtrack to last summer :disappointed:


aw man, that’s ace!


the atomic bomb! band’s full set from david byrne’s meltdown is on youtube and well worth a watch: